Check out my recent interview with plant based ultra runner, Robbie Balenger on the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast. Robbie is a Hemp Daddy’s brand ambassador, and sponsored by NadaMoo dairy free ice cream.

We talk about how Robbie first got into running six years ago, how he went from running a Pizza joint to eating vegan, and his upcoming transcontinental run across the United States.

Listen, here or on your favorite Podcast app.

Show Notes

Check out Robbie’s Plant Powered Mission website, sponsored by NadaMoo.

Scott Jurek Veggie Burger Recipe that was mentioned by Robbie during the interview.

Switch for Good – Switch4Good is a strong and growing coalition made up of dairy-free athletes, trainers, doctors, nutritionists and influencers. Some of us have won Olympic medals and some of us simply take the stairs instead of the elevator. We have all learned that cow’s milk is not a health food and understand that ditching dairy is a straight path towards living a longer, more fulfilling life.

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