When it comes to CBD oil there are no shortage of options, and the same is true when it comes to finding the best CBD cream for pain relief.

CBD topicals are very popular and are currently the only CBD product approved for advertising on ad networks such as Facebook and Google.

While there isn’t a TON of research surrounding CBD topical products, one study showed that it was effective in relieving arthritis in rats.

And with so many different options out there, from balms, to lotions. How do you know which CBD product is going to the most effective?

There are several key things to look for when buying a CBD cream for pain relief, whether that be receiving sore muscles or soothing joint pain.

CBD Balm vs. Transdermal Lotion

One of the most important things to look for is finding a transdermal lotion rather than a balm or a cream.

The reason for this is that the transdermal lotion acts as a carrier agent and ensures maximum absorption through all the layers of the skin. People that use a transdermal CBD product often report feeling systemic benefits. This is also why transdermal CBD products are great for pets. You can simply rub in the lotion on the inside of their ears and it absorbs into the skin.

Balms are still good if you are treating surface skin issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis but even treating those a transdermal lotion is going to be more effective. Just know that if you are seeking to relieve discomfort you are going to want to find a transdermal product like Hemp Daddy’s.

Potency of the topical

The next most important thing to look out for is the potency of the product.

It amazes me many CBD balm products I see that hardly have any CBD in them at all compared to the size of the container.

Most CBD topical products I see contain about 300-600mg of CBD per 2oz container.

To put this into perspective our transdermal lotion contains up to 900mg of CBD for a 1oz container. That is 6x the amount of CBD for every 1oz.

Another downside of many balms is that they come in a tub, which makes knowing how much CBD you are applying total guess work. Hemp Daddy’s uses a precision pump that doses out specific amounts of CBD with each pump. This ensures that you are not wasting. One our 1oz bottle goes a LONG way. It contains approximately 60 servings.

Quality of the product

Lastly, but still VERY important. It’s crucial that you purchase from reputable brands like Hemp Daddy’s that provide third party lab results of their product.

It’s also important to purchase organic hemp products. As hemp is a cleansing crop and soaks up anything and everything in the soil, including heavy metals, which is the last thing you want absorbing into your skin and blood stream.

So, be sure to look for the following when selecting a CBD pain cream:

  • Organic Hemp: be sure you are getting hemp that is certified USDA Organic. Many brands claim their product is organic but don’t have the certifications to back it up.
  • Full Spectrum CBD. As with tincture oils. Full Spectrum CBD is more effective and studies have shown it’s even more effective at pain relief. The only reason you would want to use a CBD isolate of Broad Spectrum CBD is if you are subject to random drug screenings, as the trace amounts of THC can show up in a test.
  • Know where the hemp is sourced. We use one single family owned and operated farm out of Longmont, Colorado. Some brands source their hemp from several locations, and sometimes from overseas. Making ensuring a quality product much more difficult, if not impossible.
  • Third Party Lab Tested. Be sure you only buy from brands that perform third party lab testing. This is the only way to ensure that the products contain the amount of CBD they claim.

And whenever you are in doubt about any of the above, email the brand and see if you get a response. I’ve heard stories from some of our customers that other brands wouldn’t even as much as respond to an email about an order. How sad is that?

Hemp Daddy’s is a family owned and operated operation, and the success of our customer is priority one. We respond to all customer emails in a timely manner.

How to use transdermal CBD lotion

This is hard to say with 100% accuracy, as it’s going to be different for everybody.

A lot of people ask me when the best time to apply the CBD lotion is. The simple answers is, whenever you feel discomfort.

For athletes however that might be fighting sore muscles or wanting to recover faster. If that is the case, then applying at night before bed is a great time to use the CBD lotion. This is because our bodies do the most repair work when we are sleeping, and the CBD will only help speed along that process.

For those with chronic injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or knee pain, you might want to apply CBD before your run or workout to cut down on discomfort.

CBD is great for acute issues too; such as bee stings, bashed elbows, and that chronic injury that just flared up.

The best advice I can give is to experiment though. Try applying a dose in the morning to see if it keeps discomfort at bay, or simply apply as needed. Since everybody responds to CBD differently it’s important to experiment.

If you have any other questions about CBD for pain relief, or anything else CBD related, don’t hesitate to reach out: [email protected]

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