In 2015 I ran my first 100 Mile Race, and thus far has been the only one I have completed. It was the Wasatch 100. One of the MOST difficult mountain races there is.

It boasts of 24,000 feet of elevation gain! Nearly all of it on trails. Training for this race took lots of time. My highest mileage week was 75 miles. My typical training week at the moment is only 20 or less miles, to put things into perspective.

As the start of the big race got closer I began reaching out to some of my trail running mentors about what else I can do to prepare for the monumental task that was ahead of me.

Rest Is Best

The best piece of advice I got was to just REST in the two weeks prior to the race.

Thomas encouraged me to go to bed earlier and get more sleep. Rest was necessary for my body to repair itself from the huge training load it had just endured.

Did you know that SLEEP is one of the most important, if not THE most important aspect of athletic recovery?

Going into the race I felt the extra sleep had made a huge difference. At the starting line I felt super refreshed and ready to tackle the ups and downs of the Wasatch Range.

Our bodies recover best when we are resting, so sleep is vital if you want to improve as an athlete.

CBD For Athletic Recovery and Better Sleep

Are you currently struggling to recover?

Do you have a chronic injury that you just can’t get over?

CBD can help. One of the most touted benefits of CBD is sleep. Even people that don’t struggle with sleep often report sleeping even better.

Do you struggle to stop your mind from racing?

Do you wake up multiple times during the night?

Just not sleeping enough hours?

With CBD you can get the sleep you have been longing for, so that you wake up refreshed and feeling amazing.

Not only that, but your body will begin to recover faster from your athletic endeavors thus making you a better athlete?

How so?

Well, when you get better sleep you will be able to put in higher quality workouts, plus your body will have more time to repair while you are resting sweetly on a CBD cloud.

Interested in learning more about how CBD can help you sleep?

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