If you have been doing your homework about the efficacy of CBD, chances are you have run across some skeptics. I’ve seen it myself… People commenting on Facebook groups, Reddit posts, and online forms; CBD doesn’t work, it’s a waste of money! So, why are some people swearing that CBD is ineffective and overpriced? It leaves you wondering, does CBD oil really work?

The quality of the CBD oil

Chances are those people bashing on CBD had a bad experience with an inferior brand of product. It’s very important to know what you are getting when purchasing CBD oil. The market is currently flooded with brands trying to make a buck, many of them selling inferior products. Some might even be selling “snake oil.”

Shopping for CBD doesn’t have to be difficult though. It’s important to look for three things.

Full-Spectrum Oil

Full-spectrum oil, which includes trace amounts of THC, create what is called the “entourage effect.”  Essentially, it’s the whole plant working in harmony to synthesize maximum results in the body. Some brands are selling products that are broad-spectrum, meaning they are THC-free. Other brands are selling hemp seed oil, labeled as Hemp Extract. For example, anything you find on Amazon at the moment I write this is merely hemp oil masquerading as CBD oil. These products will not yield the results promised by a high quality CBD product.

So, how can you tell if the product a brand is offering is high quality and spectrum?  Look beyond the promises made on the website. Make sure the brand provides third party lab results that you can download, or at the very least make them available upon request.

Co2 Extracted CBD Oil

Clean extraction techniques are also important to look for when selecting a CBD oil. Remember, you are ingesting this into your body. High quality oils are processed using Co2 extraction, vs. ethanol extraction techniques that can leave behind harmful solvents in the finished product. Co2 extraction leaves behind no harmful solvents, making it the cleanest product on the market. It’s also not cheap though, making Co2 extracted products higher priced.

USA Grown Hemp

Some companies are sourcing hemp from overseas, vs using locally grown product that is produced organically. Many brands are using imported hemp because it’s cheaper, but some of these plants have been used as a cleansing crop in fields laden with heavy metals – something you don’t want to ingest into your system.

Proper CBD Dosing

Aside from the quality of the oil, improper dosing is the number one reason people don’t get the results they desire. CBD can, and does work if dosed properly. The motto most people teach is, start low and go slow. Start by taking a small dose before bedtime, and then gradually work up your dosage until you achieve the desired results. Different conditions are going to require different amounts of CBD. For somebody that just wants to sleep better and reduce inflammation, you might be good with 10-20mg of CBD per day. Somebody with chronic pain might need 40-60mg of CBD per day. It’s important to experiment and not give up.

Give It Time Patience is Key

This goes along with proper dosing. It’s important that you give the CBD enough time to build up in your system before passing judgment. I’ve had customers give up two weeks in, saying it didn’t work, but after being encouraged to give the product more time they achieved the results they were looking for. It can take as many as 30 days for the CBD to build up in your system and take effect.

It’s also important to note the changes may be subtle at first, then after time you will realize your life is absent of many of the issues you began taking CBD for; For some that is pain, for others it might be inflammation induced from exercise. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, you aren’t going to feel different, aside from a reduction in pain, or inflammation. If you are taking CBD for mental reasons, you may notice you feel happier or less stressed. You will find that life is better with the help of this amazing plant, known as hemp!

So, Does CBD oil really work?

Best way to find out is to get started with our Extra Strength or Advanced Strength tincture, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions about dosing. We are happy to help.

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