With the massive growth in the CBD space, one has to wonder, where is all this hemp coming from? There are only a small handful of states that are legally growing hemp within the USA. Yet, there are probably over 1,000 different CBD companies. The supply of CBD far outweighs the amount of hemp being grown on American soil.

Hemp as a Cleansing Crop

So, then where is all this hemp coming from, and why does it matter? Many companies producing CBD are importing their hemp flower from overseas. That same hemp was used to decontaminate land contaminated with heavy metals! In Italy, one town used hemp to cleanse land that formerly housed Europe’s largest steel plant. Can you imagine the amount of toxins present in that land? Hemp is widely used as a cleansing crop because of its ability to remove heavy metals from the soil in mere months. And guess what? Those heavy metals remain in the plant.

It’s important for customers to purchase CBD from reputable companies, such as Hemp Daddy’s. Preferably from companies that are vertically integrated. Meaning, the manufacturer grows their own hemp and also produce the final CBD product themselves. It’s a seed to bottle process. When you purchase from companies not disclosing the source of their hemp, chances are you are purchasing a product that is contaminated. (note: some European hemp is grown organically)

Because the hemp plant is a cleansing plant, it’s SUPER important that the farm growing the hemp is using an organic process. This will ensure you your final product is clean and free of soil contaminants, and that the plant is being grown in such a way that doesn’t add further contaminants to the soil.

Purchase USA Grown Hemp

Because CBD is ingested internally, it’s very important you select an organic product that is free of pesticide, herbicide, fertilizers, etc. Hemp is a very hearty plant and honestly doesn’t need any of those things, by nature the plant is pest resistant.

Purchasing CBD from reputable US companies is your best option. Hemp is currently being grown in Oregon, Colorado, and Kentucky, and I think New York will be added to that list soon. If a company doesn’t disclose where their hemp is grown, or if it’s organic, chances are you should stay clear. For your long-term health, always look for an organic CBD product.

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