This is one of the questions that gets asked the most about CBD. It’s a huge concern for people that are required to pass drug tests on a regular basis for employment purposes. It can be very confusing too, because there is actually a lot of conflicting information out there on this topic. My goal is to educate you, even if it means you don’t buy my product. The last thing I want is for you to lose your job.

Before we get started, let’s talk about what CBD is. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of hundreds of different cannabinoids found in the cannabis and hemp plant. THC on the other hand is the intoxicating cannabinoid that gets you high. CBD does not get you high, but contains loads of medicinal and therapeutic benefits, but will it show up on a drug test?

What are drug tests looking for?

First off, let’s start with what drug screening tests are actually looking for. In most cases, drug screens are only looking for illegal drugs, including marijuana. So, there is definitely cause for concern taking a product that contains trace amounts of THC. The drug screen itself is not looking for CBD (although some employers might screen for this), but rather for THC, the psychoactive compound fond in the marijuana plant.

Drug tests are not looking for CBD, but since the panel is looking for THC, there is always a chance you can trigger a positive when taking a full spectrum product.

Can anybody trigger a positive for THC while taking CBD?

Most people likely will not trigger a positive for THC. It is possible though. I’ve had customers take at-home tests and trigger a positive. THC is stored in fat – so if you are a lean athlete, the chances of you triggering a positive are much lower, but there is still a chance… Probably not something you would want to risk if keeping your job depends on passing the test.

Metabolism also plays a huge factor into who might trigger a positive. How fast your body processes the THC in the system plays a factor as well. Dosage is another factor. You might be the fittest athlete in the world, but if you are taking a large quantity of CBD on a daily basis, the low amounts of THC could build up in your system over time and result in a positive drug screen.

So, YES. It’s very possible to test positive for THC, no matter who you are.

What options options exist?

There are other options for individuals that want to take CBD, but require passing a drug test. Some companies offer what is called a CBD isolate. It’s essentially CBD only, no THC. It’s just as important to buy from reputable companies though when buying CBD isolate. If you decided to go this route, make sure you see the lab results, and it says, “Not Detected” for the THC levels.

CBD isolates usually are not as effective as a full spectrum CBD, but it’s definitely an option for those individuals that have to pee clean. But even then, there is a minuscule chance of triggering a positive. Especially if buying from unreliable sources. So, always check with the brand before proceeding with a purchase of CBD isolate. If the brand is unresponsive, it’s definitely a sign you should move on.


Hopefully this is the first article you discovered on the topic, and you can close the book on your research. If you have been researching for a while I hope this article shed some truth into the matter for you. Many brands out there are still lying to customers, telling them they can pass a drug screen – even when selling full spectrum oils with trace amounts of THC – it’s simply not true, there is always a risk of triggering a positive when taking CBD oil.

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