Since CBD oil has grown in popularity, many people are wondering, “will CBD give me the munchies?” It sounds like such a silly question, but It makes sense because of the close association with marijuana.

The active component of marijuana is THC, which is what gives people the munchies. This isn’t something you want if you are watching your waist line. CBD, however only contains trace amounts of THC, not enough to get you high, or send you reaching for the cookie jar.

Increase of appetite may not sound like something you would desire, but medical marijuana is commonly used amongst cancer patients to increase appetite, so they maintain weight and continue eating throughout treatments. I’ve personally had family members go through cancer treatment, and saw them lose a lot of weight. THC is beneficial for helping maintain a healthy weight.

Ok, back to CBD now. CBD has actually been shown to be an appetite suppressant. Some CBD companies are heavily touting the weight loss benefits of CBD. I haven’t experienced those myself, but I do notice I’m less hungry than I used to be So, if you are looking to lose weight naturally, CBD might actually help.

Interested in the science behind this?

The hypothalamus region of the brain controls appetite. It regulates the secretion of ghrelin and leptin, two different hormones that influence appetite. Ghrelin stimulates hunger, and leptin creates the sensation of being full. CB1 receptors stimulate the neural circuit in the hypothalamus that regulates ghrelin. This is why THC can generate the feeling of being hungry.

The opposite is true with CBD, it is actually a CB1 blocker (CBD interacts with CB2 receptors), which means it has the power to suppress the appetite. Studies have shown that CBD can control cravings and keep hunger at bay by increasing levels of leptin.

Can CBD be used to help with weight loss?

It certainly sounds like a possibility. The best way to know if it works for you is to give it a spin. It doesn’t matter which product you use, but if you are using CBD for the first time, I highly recommend starting with an oil tincture, since you can easily dose low amounts.

When starting out with CBD, it’s important to, “start low and go slow,” meaning: start with a low dose (around 5m) and take that for a week before working up to a higher dose. Gradually work up until you start feeling the desired results. For more information on dosing, check out our article: How much CBD should I take?

While taking CBD for weight loss, you will also enjoy many other benefits, such as: less stress, better heart health, better sleep, reduced inflammation, and you will even recover faster from exercise.

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