What to look for in a CBD product

With so many CBD brands out there, what exactly should you be looking for? Not all CBD brands are created equal. Here is a brief explanation to help you make an excellent choice.

Extraction Process

First of all, there are two primary extraction processes used (although there are others).

The first and safest is Supercritical CO2 extraction. This method uses pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the cannabinoids and other phytochemicals from the plant, and has been an effective extraction process of food companies for years (the same process is used for decaffeinated coffee). This is the method used by Hemp Daddy’s and poses the least amount of risk for contamination in the end product.

The second method is a solvent extraction method. In this process ethanol, low-grade alcohol, or butane are used in the extraction process. This method is effective in extracting a full range of cannabinoids, but has some negative side effects. The extraction process is dangerous and has potential to destroy plant waxes and may produce an oil that contains harmful chemicals. Products using this method might be cheaper, but just remember the potential negative aspects.

Plant Soil

It’s important to know where the plant is grown and if organic growing methods are used. Some hemp is grown overseas and imported into the United States. Sometimes that hemp could have been used as a cleansing crop in fields laden with heavy metals. So it’s important to know where your hemp was grown and if the soils are clean.

Hemp Daddy’s is grown just outside Longmont Colorado on a family farm that uses organic practices. The soil is healthy and free of heavy metals. (soil tests available here).

Full Spectrum CBD

CBD is either available as an isolate, or in full spectrum. Hemp Daddy’s is a full spectrum CBD, meaning we use extract from the whole plant, and don’t isolate just the CBD, this means you get other beneficial cannabinoids.

When you chose full spectrum CBD, you get what is known as the entourage effect, which states that you get the most benefit from the cannabis plant when you consume the entire spectrum of chemicals found in the plant, versus taking one single molecule (CBD alone).Hemp contains other phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. CBN (cannabinol) is what helps aid in sleep, relieves pain, and helps reduce inflammation just to name one. Full Spectrum CBD is a medicinal/therapeutic powerhouse that works in harmony to provide you the most benefit.

Who is behind the brand?

Let’s face it, the only reason why there are so many CBD companies out there is people are looking to make a quick buck. With cannabis becoming more and more accepted, people are jumping on the bandwagon as early adopters and trying to make money early in the game.

Hemp Daddy’s on the other hand is family-owned, and we genuinely care about helping people like you. I started Hemp Daddy’s in the summer of 2018 after benefiting tremendously from the healing power of CBD. Through sharing my story, I heard about lots of other people that could benefit also… And I just couldn’t keep this secret to myself.

Of course I’m looking to make a living for my family by sharing my CBD oil, but my primary mission is to help people heal from chronic inflammation, and a whole host of other problems.

As the owner and founder of the company, I will be the one personally responding to customer service emails. Let me know if you have ANY questions about CBD. I’m here to help!

CBD Options

We manufacture 3 types of CBD products designed to satisfy various customer needs. Our lotions are designed for ease of delivery, treating specific pain areas, and is fast acting. The oil is versatile and be used orally for fast absorption, and our gel caps make for easy ingestion and a more moderated delivery over time.

CBD Gel Capsules

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CBD Lotion

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