It’s 2019 and CBD oil is becoming more mainstream. There are many benefits of CBD oil, and in some sense CBD might be considered a silver bullet because it helps with so many things. If you are human, chances are you will benefit from CBD oil. Truth be told, CBD is not a silver bullet, but there are hundreds of things CBD can help with. Here, I will go over my top 10 things that CBD can help with.

10 benefits of CBD oil

  1. Anxiety – Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce anxiety, and in some cases might be an excellent replacement for prescription medications.
  2. Depression – I have a close personal experience with this one. After our third child my wife began struggling with depression and started taking prescription medication. It wasn’t ideal but it worked. After about a year of taking the medication we discovered CBD oil, and after about 4 months of experimenting with dosing, we figured out what she needed. Now CBD oil is all she takes to combat depression.
  3. Pain Fighter – CBD is great for chronic pain. With the opioid epidemic on the rise, it’s important patients have access to CBD oil as well as medical marijuana.  It’s also a great replacement for NSAIDs like Ibuprofen.
  4. Anti-Inflammatory – As an athlete I appreciate this one the most. CBD is helping athletes recovery faster from workouts, and even bounce back faster after injury.
  5. Fibromyalgia relief – Fibromyalgia can cause musculoskeletal pain, sleep, memory, and mood issues, and other inflammatory responses. While CBD is not a cure, it can help combat the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia so that individuals can live more productive lives.
  6. Focus – If you need a boost of energy, or help focusing, CBD just might help. Taking CBD during the day can increase awareness and elevate focus, but without the high that comes from smoking marijuana.
  7. Sleep – Yes, CBD can even help with sleep. Taking CBD before bedtime can help calm the ind and relax the body for a good nights sleep. People that take CBD for sleep notice the fall asleep faster, and wake up less during the night.
  8. ADHD – Currently, little research exists as to how affective CBD is for ADHD, but loads of anecdotal evidence suggests it is. Families everywhere are seeing their children benefit from taking CBD, adults too. Check out this Healthline article about CBD oil for ADHD in Children.
  9. Overall Health – CBD is a great everyday supplement to promote overall health and well being. CBD helps support the bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS relates many body functions, and promotes hemostats and overall health. It’s possible that CBD just might help you stay healthier and get sick less.
  10. Neurological disorders – As somebody with a genetic condition affecting the nervous system, this one brings me the most hope for the use of CBD. Studies and anecdotal evidence are suggesting that CBD can treat neurological disorders, including seizures, and Alzheimer’s. It has even been shown to have anti-tumor effects.

Future uses of CBD

Sense the discovery of the endocannabinoid system is so new, chances are we have only begun discovering how useful CBD is. Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, hemp, and all its derivatives, including CBD are now legal on the federal level. This should open up the flood gates of research. New studies will further validate the effectiveness of CBD and provide insight into things like dosing, and treatment of various diseases.

It’s an exciting time for the hemp/CBD and medical marijuana industry. New research will help people get the help they need without having to be addicted to dangerous pharmaceuticals.

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