Traveling with CBD seems like a wonderful idea, especially for those that have travel anxiety, but can you bring CBD oil on a plane? Can you travel across state lines in a car with CBD? These are both great questions, and the simple answer is that it depends. So, here are some things you should be aware of:

Update, as of May 27, 2018: The TSA has cleared up the language on their website, and stated specifically that CBD products are allowed. You can view the statement on the TSA Website. This is a huge step forward in accepting what the 2018 Farm Bill laid out for industrial hemp, and CBD.

Is CBD completely legal in the state you are traveling to?

Even though the 2018 Farm Bill made Hemp (and CBD) legal on the Federal level, individual states can still elect to make the sale and possession of CBD illegal. While CBD might be perfectly legal in West Virginia, as soon as you cross into Ohio, you might run into issues if caught by law enforcement agencies with your CBD products, even if they are .3% THC or less.

So, be sure to do your research ahead of time and know the laws of the state you are traveling to. Currently there are only a small hand full of states that still view CBD as illegal. While the 2018 Farm Bill allows for transportation of hemp products across state lines, it doesn’t help you if you are an individual in possession of the product in a state where it’s still considered illegal.

Can You Bring CBD Oil On A Plane?

If you are flying domestically the simple answer to this questions is, yes. As long as the products you are carrying are under the 3.4oz limit for liquids, stated by the TSA, you will be fine. Hemp Derived CBD is legal on the Federal level, and creates no risk for an individual flying with it. You might potentially face an issue though if you are flying out of a state where CBD is still deemed illegal. So be smart about it because TSA agents do have to follow local laws as well.

Both the DEA and the FDA recognize non-psychoactive CBD products. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill CBD (produced from hemp) was removed as a Schedule 1 substance. Governance of CBD as a dietary supplement and/or food product is now regulated by the FDA.

If you are still hesitant, you can print off a copy of our third-party lab results to take with you that show our products contain less than .3% THC. Alternatively, if you struggle with travel anxiety, you can take a dose then place it in your checked bag before going through airport security.

Flying Internationally with CBD oil

Since flying domestically with CBD is a breeze, one would think it would be almost as easy on an internationally flight. That isn’t the case though. Don’t even risk it. Traveling internationally means tighter security screenings. Even if you CBD product contains .3% THC or less, it’s not worth risking another country’s Government’s getting involved and potentially putting you in serious situations with law enforcement agencies.

Other options for traveling with CBD

Internationally: You can always mail your CBD to your destination ahead of time. Careful planning will be needed though due to extra time that it takes for international mail. Check your destination countries local laws as well. CBD is legal in some countries, but still illegal in many. There is also the potential risk of the product being seize in customs, but there are other CBD companies shipping product internationally.

Domestically: Mailing your CBD domestically is a breeze. We recommend USPS for this. Just make sure you select a transit time that will allow your product to arrive before your arrival, or as soon as you get there. Alternatively, you can shop for a local CBD store to purchase your products from once you arrive. Just make sure you purchase from a reputable shop that provides you with third-party lab results, just as you would want to look for from a brand when buying online


From the TSA Website: Possession of marijuana and cannabis infused products, such as Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, is illegal under federal law…. TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but in the event a substance that appears to be marijuana or a cannabis infused product is observed during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.

The statement on the TSA website makes no mention of whether or not cannabidiol is derived from hemp or cannabis. In fact, the section they mention CBD under is, “Medical Marijuana.”  It’s possible this statement hast not been updated since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Here at Hemp Daddy’s, we have flown with CBD oil domestically multiple times with no issues, we have friends that have done the same. You should not have any issues with Hemp Daddy’s products, as they are under the 3.4oz size requirement. For peace of mind you can always print off a copy of our third-party lab results and put them with you in your carry on bag, or simply place your CBD oil in your checked bag, and take your CBD dose before going through security.

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