In order to maximize the effectiveness of CBD, you must become a full-time athlete.

Let me explain.

I don’t literally mean give up your full-time job and run 20 miles per day…but thinking like a full-time athlete can help you maximize the benefits of CBD oil.

Full time athletes take their training seriously. If they have a workout scheduled, they show up.

If they are struggling with an injury, they are hyper disciplined with their physical therapy.

They watch their diet and hydration levels too.

They get enough sleep.

Maybe you are an athlete struggling with an injury, or not recovering fast enough.

So, is CBD effective for athletes?

Know this, while CBD won’t HEAL your injured body, it can help reduce inflammation to the point that physical therapy and light workouts are possible.

I’ve struggled for years with Achilles tendonitis. It never completely sidelined me, but I would feel it every morning upon getting out of bed, and after long runs my foot would be in a lot of pain.

CBD reduced the inflammation enough that I could go out on long runs and feel less pain at the end, and I was now waking up in the morning without a limp.

It also allowed me to really focus on physical therapy exercises.

Even if you are not an athlete, your overall health is super important.

Make sure: you are drinking enough water each day, you are eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. And if you are struggling with any sort of mental health issues, don’t be afraid to get professional help, or talk to friends about it.

It’s important to think long term too. If you are injured, what caused it in the first place. What should you do going forward to make sure the injury doesn’t happen again?

Did you know that CBD actually appears to be most effective for managing overuse injuries involving tendons, ligaments, and joints? – That is good news for the chronically injured.

And CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits is good news to the avid athlete that wants to recover faster and stay injury free — just be smart and take care of your body. Do the necessary strengthening and range of motion exercises needed. Don’t just rely on CBD alone.

Looking to get started with CBD for the first time? Our Extra Strength Tincture is a great starting point, or if you are struggling with a site specific injury like Achilles tendonitis, the pain cream might work wonders for you….but when in doubt experiment with both and figure out what works best for you.

Effective CBD Tips for Athletes

  1. Know that what works for your running partner might not work the same for you. Maybe your friend gets great relief from the tincture oils, but you might get more relief from a pain cream
  2. Experiment with products. As I mentioned above. Not all runners experience the same results with CBD. So try various CBD products, such as tincture oils, pain creams, capsules, and water soluble products. Hemp Daddy’s offers all four of these.
  3. Experiment with your dosage. Not just strength, but time of day. One of our athletes switched from dosing in the evening to morning, and found that had receive more benefit.
  4. Don’t overdo it. CBD can bring pain relief. So don’t just assume that means you can do your normal workouts. Take it nice and slow. I’ve injured myself further before thinking I was better off than I actually was.
  5. Be disciplined an all areas: PT work, exercise, stretching, diet, etc. Think like a full-time athlete.

If you have yet to try CBD oil, today is a great time to start. It’s pretty well known that CBD can help enhance an athletes performance. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have. Just use the contact box right here on the page.

Just remember, when starting a CBD regime for the first time, begin with a low dose, and slowly work your way up. You can also check out our post: How much CBD oil should I take.