I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Reddy Yeti Podcast. We talked CBD oil and how I got into the business.

You can visit their website to listen, or just click the play button below.

About the Episode

Josh sits down with Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics co-founder Caleb Simpson. Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics makes CBD or Cannabidiol oil, transdermal cream, and capsules that offer a wide range of both mental and physical health benefits to help with inflammation, depression, anxiety, pain, and a number of other ailments. We’re no strangers to Caleb as he was a founder of Bearded Brothers, one of our earliest brand that we worked with so naturally, we had to find out the motivation for stepping away from Bearded Brothers and jumping into a completely new endeavor. With more and more studies and acknowledgment of the health benefits of CBD we are beyond interested in its effects and development, especially since Simpson’s motivation to start this budding business (no pun intended) came from witnessing the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD first hand.