CBD oil is becoming a go-to supplement for athletes because of its anti-inflammatory and pain-fighting properties. It’s an excellent replacement for liver-damaging NSAIDs, and there is no risk of overdosing. There are lots of runners and athletes, especially ultra runners, replacing ibuprofen with CBD. In addition to not damaging the liver, it’s 100% safe to use in competition.

CBD is also WADA approved, so if you are an elite athlete, there is no issue with using CBD. But do be aware that CBD contains trace amounts of THC, which could trigger a positive on a drug test. It’s not likely for athletes, since they have active metabolisms, and sweat a lot, and have low percentages of body fat (which is where THC is stored).

Here are five ultra runners that use CBD oil as part of their training regime. These athletes are true inspirations, be sure to follow them on Instagram

  1. Robbie Balenger, our newest brand ambassadors that uses CBD oil, he is a vegan athlete about to embark on a transcontinental run later in 2019. You can follow him on Instagram He is also sponsored by an amazing vegan ice cream company, NadaMoo.
  2. Avery Collins known by the moniker “RunninHigh” on Instagram is also an avid CBD user. Collins incorporates plant based medicines into his training and recovery regime, including hemp derived CBD. Collins is also an avid cannabis user.
  3. Courtney Schwind is another plant based athlete, mother, mountain lover, and avid trail runner. She is also a Hemp Daddy’s brand ambassador, and can be followed under the Instagram handle, PeakBagginPrincess.
  4. Nicklaus Combs is into trail running, rock climbing, and alpine exploration. I’ve been fortunate enough to run the trails of Boulder with him on several occasions. You can follow his adventures at nicklauscombs.
  5. JJ Tiscareno is another Hemp Daddy’s brand ambassador, and fellow Texan. He’s is a rock climber, father, and avid trail runner. Tiscareno can be found romping around the trails of Texas solo, or with his family. He’s also part of Team Spectrum, a Texas trail racing company.

So, take it from these avid ultra runners that use CBD – it definitely has a place in your training and recover regime. I’ve personally been using CBD for nearly a year now, and it has helped me tremendously with stress, anxiety, and pain from chronic injuries. It has also significantly cut down on inflammation after my mountain runs.

If you are new to CBD, be sure to check out my dosing guide. Additionally If you are putting in lots of miles I recommend using both the CBD oil and transdermal cream for maximum relief. You can also ready more about how CBD can help athletes on our blog.