In order for a CBD oil dosage to be effective – consistency is key! Without it, CBD just isn’t as effective.

I would venture to say the number one reason people don’t see the results they are looking for is the lack of consistency.

Taking your CBD needs to become a habit! Habits take time to form and require consistency in order to become second nature, and to be effective.

The results of good habits also compound over time.

For example:

Running every day – over time you become more fit and get stronger.

Eating a healthy diet – results are not immediate. Eating one salad a week won’t make you healthy, but do that every day and the results compound over time, and your health improves.

If you want to become a better writer, like I do, you have to write every day. Nobody ever woke up one day and just decided they would be a good writer.

CBD is similar! – The positive results compound over time.

The half-life of CBD is about 11-24 hours. So after that there is no longer CBD in your system.

Taking CBD DAILY (sometimes twice a day) ensures you have consistent levels of CBD in your system for maximum effectiveness.

For some people it can take up to 30 days to see results…this is why it’s important to be patient with CBD and consider giving it a go for at least two months, so if you don’t see results at the end of 30 days you can continue to increase your dosage until you get relief.

CBD is NOT as effective if it’s just taken every now and then. – It must become a daily habit.

If you are struggling to remember to take your CBD daily, try something called habit stacking.

Pair taking CBD with something else you already do daily.

For example:

  • Take your CBD after brushing your teeth
  • Put it next to your night stand and take a dose before turning out the lights
  • Pair it with dinner time
  • Take a dose right after brushing your hair

Over time, doing that other habit will become the cue to take your dose of CBD.

Also, to ensure you never run out, make sure your order at least one full week before you expect to run out. Two weeks out just to be extra safe!

Getting your CBD dosage right can be tricky…that’s why I’m always here to help. Never hesitate to reach out with your questions.


How to dose CBD

If you need help figuring out how much CBD oil to take, check out our article: How much CBD oil should I take

To put it simply, start low and go slow. Begin by taking a low dose (about 5mg) and then slowly work your way up every few days until you get the desired relief. Effective CBD dosing can be tricky, but patience and consistency will help you figure things out.

For general overall health 10-20mg a day is a good starting point, for more severe and chronic issues you might need 40-90mg of CBD per day, or even more in some cases.