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Hello Fellow Trail Runner

Welcome to Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics

Our CBD oil is great for:

  • Reducing inflammation so you can get up off the couch
  • Recovering faster so you can do more of the things you love
  • Feeling better and calming the mind (much needed for parents like myself)
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Boosting focus so you can crush your goals

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Deron Ruse

“I started using the tincture oil in 2019 and it’s become part of my daily routine. I also have used the oil before and during my last 2 long distance races. For my last 100 mile race, I took it about 2 hours before the start of the race and then again at about mile 40. It seems that the daily intake and use for my long races helps keep inflammation down and also assists with recovery.”

  • Full Spectrum CBD

  • Recover Faster

  • Fight Inflammation

  • Sleep Better

  • Boost Your Mood

  • Do more of what you love

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Erik Stanley

“Hemp Daddy’s CBD has been key in helping me moderate anxiety and stress. I tend to take it when I have coffee in the morning after a run and also before bed. I’ve noticed better sleeping too! As a running coach and a dad this is key! I know Hemp Daddy’s is a quality product and recommend it to other folks that deal with anxiety too.”

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Erik Stanley Runner
Jane Hall 50k Trail Running

Jane Hall

“I’ve had four surgeries on my right knee, one surgery on my left knee and five years ago I had my right foot reconstructed. After my surgery I had almost no swelling at all. I was running in 8 days. My surgeon was astonished at my lack of swelling, zero pain and rapid recovery. I’m 57, we normally just don’t bounce back that quickly anymore! He tells his patients to talk to me about the benefits of Hemp Daddy’s.”

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Less Pain, More Trails. That’s our motto. Whether you’re climbing a literal trail or just wanting to spend more time with family, we have you covered. Recover faster, sleep better, calm the mind, and say goodbye to chronic discomfort.


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Water Soluble CBD – Full Spectrum

Great for mixing into your favorite beverage, such as coffee, smoothies, and water. With high bio-availability our fast acting water soluble CBD will be boosting your mood and cutting down on discomfort in no time. Get the relief you have been looking for, even when other CBD products haven’t worked.


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Transdermal CBD Pain Cream

Potent and highly effective. Transdermal CBD just works better. Get relief from chronic discomfort, or use to help with acute issues such as sore muscles, bee stings, and rashes. Get your mobility back and experience Less Pain and More Trails.


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CBD Soft Gels

A convenient way to get your daily dose of relief. Sleep better, reduce chronic discomfort, or just calm the mind. Our soft gels are an easy way to consume CBD and are highly effective. They also make a great travel companion, or convenient way to dose while out on the trail.


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