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  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Made with USDA Organic Hemp
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Hemp Extract Oil

    Support your active lifestyle with Hemp Extract Oil.  We offer flavorless (has a slight hemp flavor) and mint in 3 strengths; Regular Strength, Extra Strength, and Advanced Strength. We offer two sizes; 30ml and 60ml (Regular Strength currently not available in 60ml bottle) Our 60ml bottle provides the best value. The cost per serving is cheaper. Regular Strength (10mg of CBD per serving) Extra Strength (20mg of CBD per serving) Advanced Strength (30mg of CBD per serving) Download our third party lab results here.
  • CBD Pain Cream Transdermal Lotion made from USDA Organic Hemp
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The best CBD pain cream on the market is now in a transdermal lotion.  Transdermal Hemp Extract Lotion you are able to treat a specific area and get maximum absorption while still getting systemic relief as well.  You can also use this with your pet by rubbing inside of their ear to get better absorption than when taken orally. Available in two strengths: Regular and Extra Strength (Advanced Strength coming soon) Regular Strength (5mg CBD per pump) Extra Strength (10mg CBD per pump)