There are a lot of blog posts out there with top running websites, but very few focus on trail and ultra running. As an avid trail runner, there have been several websites I’ve gone to over the years for all my information regarding trail running.

Without further or do, here is my list of top running websites for all the trail runners out there:

  1. iRunFar – perhaps the number one website for ultra runners. They provide coverage of major races, and have loads of useful information, such as training plans.
  2. Trail and Ultra Running, also know as TAUR – This site is directly connected with the popular Facebook Group – Trail and Ultra Running. It’s full of great resources and product reviews.
  3. The Ginger Runner – I spent a lot of time on his review site when purchasing my first GPS watch. Ethan, the owner of the site, posts videos of all the products he reviews. Skip the reading, and get ALL the details you could possibly want about trail running products.
  4. UltraRunning Magazine – full of race reviews, athlete profiles, and gear reviews. The print edition is well worth picking up as well. Your’s truly has had his photo in an issue as well!
  5. Tejas Trails – I have to give these guys a shoutout, because their races are top notch! They include legendary races such as Rocky Raccoon 100 miler and Bandera 100k. – These are the trail races that got me into the sport.

The internet is evolving though, and there is more than just great websites to inspire you. Below are my favorite Instagram accounts with a focus on trail and ultra running:

  1. Trail and Kale – Eat healthy, be inspired, and run far!
  2. Ultra Running Memes – They seemingly came out of nowhere, full of fun and wit. You will need to have been an ultra runner for a while to get the jokes, but they are always funny and entertaining.
  3. Robbie Balenger – Robbie is an ultra runner, currently running across the country. He’s averaging 40+ miles per day, and doing it all on a plant based diet. Follow his journey, it’s incredible.
  4. Last Horse Runners – Their motto is: “The last horse in the barn hand the most fun on the trail.” I love this, because there is no shame in last place. It’s all about the experience.

If you are new to Trail Running, chances are you are going to need some help with recovery and inflammation. So be sure to check out our post, about the benefits of CBD for runners.